Hi everyone!

I just bought an XR600 (1995 model - big step up from my old 1991 XL185S), and thought I'd say hello since this seems like a nice forum (Although I might just be buttering you all up so you answer questions I might have if my bike should have trouble in the future :) ).

I'm from Australia (anyone else?), most of my riding is done on bitumen road, although I thoroughly enjoy mucking around on the numerous secluded dirt roads and railway maintenance tracks around here. (I'm pretty new to trail riding, but I love sliding the bike around on sand and skidding around in soft gravel, popping wheelies and jumping gullys, exploring tracks... so much fun I am finding with this bike... and to think I was going to buy a road bike!)

My bike: 1995 model, Staintune exhaust, big shiny bash plate (forget the brand), custom rear disc protector, large rear sprocket (fifty-something tooth I think), custom ultra-bright LED backlighting for the dash (horray for my electronics skills). It's a really grunty bike, good for someone who's 6'2" and weighs 120 kilos :D (pounds are a stupid measurment anyway).

So yeah, on with the questions...

Can anyone give any advice on making the headlight brighter? New bulbs? Types of bulb?

I'd also like to add another light (there is space to mount it below the headlight). Something bright, that perhaps has a lot of spread on it. (I ride a lot at night along dark dirt roads). I can wire it all up myself, but I need to know how much load I can put on the alternator... any advice? Where can I find out more about the alternator on a '95 model XR600?

I am also going to mount an ignition lock on it. I have the lock itself, I know how to wire it in. I just can't decide where would be the best place to put it. Ideas? The best idea I have at the moment is to make up a bracket and stick in to the side of the speedo, mounting it on the same bolts the hold on the speedo.

cheers - Yenz

Welcome to TT. You will love this site.


You will love this site. Here's a site with a stator upgrade:XR600 Stator rewind. That's my next mod. Then you should be able to run a brighter bulb without too much fade at low rpm. Enjoy your bike :)

Hi Yenz. You might get some ideas from the Baja Designs website on lighting. Enjoy your new bike.


If you plan on riding trails at night with any speed at all it's best to get one of the high powered helmet mounted lights. They have small battery packs that you can put in your camel back. It makes it a lot safer because you can see things before you point your motorcycle at it. Also, gets the light up high for less shadows. :) Most of the 24 hr racers have figured this out. Some hard wire it to the bike ilo battery on their back. You can get them at any bike shop. Night rider 15W single is what I'd recommend but do your own research. They range from $90 to $400 for the good ones.

Yay... I was actually thinking about a helmet mounted light (although I didn't know they were commercially available). I'll look into it.

I've done my ignition lock (horray). The bracket is a bit ugly at the moment, but I'll pretty it up.

That coil rewind looks like the ticket... bit advanced for someone of my technical calibre but I'll look into it.


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