RM 125 stator problems

So lately I have had a hard time keeping stators in my bike. The original stator failed recently so I replaced it with a new electrosport stator. It lasted about 30 min before it lost all spark. I pulled it off and it smelt burnt and it had been rubbing on the inside of the rotor. The stator was replaced on warranty and the bike ran good after that for probably close to 3 hours but then died with no spark again. This time the stator had been rubbing again but was even more burnt and even starting to melt the plastic coatings. The rotor is all brown and burnt too. I am just wondering if I am just having really bad luck with electrosport stators or if there may just be something else causing the stators to go bad. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Was your original Suzuki stator rubbing on the flywheel as well?

No it never rubbed. It looked and smelt fine when I took it off I assumed it just died of old age

OK, how did you remove, and install the flywheel?

Typical of an Electropsport stator, any rubbing on the stator will take it out right away. The stator plate is probably not cast right and the stator is not sitting in the exact position it needs to.

I removed the flywheel with a 2 arm puller 

And I find it wierd that it rubs on the rotor because before I ran the bike each time I test fitted the rotor on the stator and spun it by hand and it didn't touch. It's as if the heat is making the stator expand and then it rubs.

Automotive pullers can do damage. I'm just wondering if perhaps your crank has shifted towards the waterpump side of the cases, or your crank bearings are on the way out....

I havn't noticed anything wrong with my crank bearings. There is no leakage from them and no noticeable play in the rotor shaft. Is it possible I may have damaged the rotor with my puller and that that would be killing my stators?

very possible

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