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12 kx250f, 13 or rebuild topend on 09

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Hey all, I know this could go in the 'HELPZ I DONT KNOW WHAT BIKE!!1' forum, but figured it would get much better answers here with more knowledge.  I'm looking at a 12 and 2 13 kx250f or rebuild my top end on my 09


12 has 30-40 hours, valves just checked and a new piston (with receipts).  Other wise seems like light use, was for his kid who can't handle it yet so selling for a 125. $4400 CAD (id try to go for 4k IMO its worth). Kind of wrote this one off after thinking about it 'not being raced' but cases stripped, brand new plastics, new piston already...


13 has about 20 hours on it, looks just as mint with small cosmetic things like asv levers, sprocket, stuff that doesn't affect the bike r price imo. $5000 (would try to get it for $4750 as i have register and plate it because its from the states)


13 with a megabomb 'full system (no idea on canister..), full pc linkage, PC b kit suspension with adjusters and 10 hours for 5k (ugg.. seems iffy to me?). I'd sell the exhaust and linkage if possible.


or get my 09 top end rebuilt and keep it another full season till next fall?  Prices are way high here in quebec, so i'm not sure on prices that I listed, all are 2k more here... Is it worth waiting until spring or should I jump on one of those? I would sell my 09 if thats the case.


I know the 12 got it DFI and small adjustments and the 13 had the new frame and more.  Is the 13 worth the extra?  Im intermediate, no racing, just riding track to improve skills coming off an 09 kx250f that I love, but will need a new top end soon.


 I'm in montreal, so the price is way high no matter what, hence looking a few hours out.



Thanks for the insight all.

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My answer is no way the 13 is worth 25% more than the 12.  It is not 25% more bike.  Use the grand to put into the suspension or safety gear.  My two cents!

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