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2005 wr205, could use some advice

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I’ve got a 2005 WR250f, and would appreciate it very much if someone could offer up some advice.




Boggs when I blip the throttle, on the top or bottom, but not the middle.  Especially on the top.  A month ago, this wasn't the case.


Gas drips out the overflow, continuously while idling, but only after an hour or so of riding.


While sitting on a stand and without me touching the bike, the RPMs go from almost stalling to about 2K, with about a minute between.  This happens indefinitely, or at least over the couple of hours of watching.


If the bike does stall, there’s a bubbling sucking sound of gas through the carb (airbox) that lasts for about 20 seconds.


Grubby carb; accelerator pump?  Suggestions appreciated, and thanks,


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I hardly know about little 4 strokes, carbs especially, but do you actually know what the problem is?  Or is that a kind of shot gun advice?  Why are the rpm's going up, then down?


I just don't want to go tearing into my carb without understanding what's going on,

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You describe the typical FCR neglect problems: 


- corroded accelerator pump diaphragm (no quick throttle response / bog)

- pilot jet corroded and requiring turning up the idle, which creates a hanging idle (surging)

- slide plate seal that's gone or leaking, further indicating hanging idle (air leak)

- corroded float needle cavity and /or seal, creating a sticky and / or leaking fuel cut off in the carb, creating over flow out the overflow tube (dripping)


If you read and study the link I posted, you will know most everything about the FCR.


There is no way to know exactly what is wrong without opening it up and looking at it.

There could be more wrong, could be less.

The carb works as a system. Everything is tied to everything else.

It will not be a 2 hour repair. You need to re-build the carb and check everything out for corrosion damage, the typical cause of all of this, and then treat your fuel with stabilizer with every fill up.

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