Pro action worth the coin for a novice

Is worth sending my low hour suspension off my 2012 yz 450 for a revalve. I race novice and weigh 165

What are your complaints with the suspension? You need to have some issues in order to address them. Your close as far as weight with the stock springs

Post sent before I was finished. I am right on the edge of needing lighter springs but have made the bike ok by raising the Forks and backing compression off. This would be a winter project. But don't want too waste the money if at this point it's a waste or could be better spent some where else since I am on a budget thanks.

yeh dont waste money on revalving yet. Get the  lighter springs do the work yourself and save the cash. if you are "on the edge"  get lighter springs so you can set the clickers for riding style and not have to compensate for springs.

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Complaints would be bike seems too ride harsh and and I am having trouble cornering. Again I am a novice racer not rider but new too racing. I have improved it slightly thanks too some tips from forum members. But When I corner I have a tough time getting the forks too settle so I fight too get it lean and not stand up and push or wash out. Also on the fast straits when the track gets real rough it seem like I'm bouncing around more then I should. Not real plush. Those would be my complaints.

Ok thanks for the input.

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