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Montana Riding Bitterroot on Saturday September 28th

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Driving through Missoula and/or Butte on my way to Moab Sept. 28/29th.  I will probably only have time to ride one or the other.  I'm looking for technical single track.  


How do they compare?  If you could only ride one, which would you ride?


Anyone want to join?






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Well, it's settled.  Due to logistics, it's going to be Bitterroot on Saturday, September 28th.


We will be leaving from Missoula early on Sat the 28th and carrying on South to ride Sawtooth starting on the 29th.


Is there anyone who can point us in the direction of a good staging area with access to some good trails in the Bitterroot forest, or better yet, anyone who'd like to come along and ride BItterroot on the Saturday ?

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