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CRF230L.. adjust height + tire advice?

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Hey Everybody,


I got my first bike about three months ago and have been loving it.. Have done some great rides in Eastern WA and Whidbey Island and just love the whole dual sport capability.. I have done some mods including raising the bars 1.5 inches which helped a lot.  Im wondering now if its possible to get a little more height in the rear / seat area?  Im not uncomfortable when i ride but feel like a little extra height would be nice.  Any advice would be appreciated.. I have read other similar topics saying that getting a seat with thicker foam is possible, also that adjust the preload on the suspension can give you more height, but im not for certain on whether this is possible or not.


Also, im looking for advice on maybe some new tires that are a bit better off road.. The bike has the stock bridgestones and despite being in perfect condition i notice that they get a little loose and squirrelly off road.. The front seems to slide a bit and the back doesn't grip the best in larger gravel.. The street seems to be ok however.. Im looking for suggestions on a good tire that will work good on street at some higher speeds and will increase control off road... don't want to break the bank either...


Last question, is it generally a good idea to get the suspension adjusted to my weight when getting a new bike?  The bike had 186 miles on it when i got it.


Thanks again



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