Dave J

is Dave J still in business or what? Internet search turns up nothing.. I want the del taco..... everybody wants the Taco... where is he?

He is still around.  I have no doubt he will reply to this topic.  I think he has started getting back to emails as well.  He just takes a while that's all.  There was a recent post involving him and his work.

Get use to it.

Hes to busy bashing all the other suspension companies on all the forums that's gonna take him out of business. He thinks pc, fc, mb1, rg3 are a joke among other big suspension companies..   Think he sits on the computer all day and bashes everyone on all the forums from what I see. I wouldn't go there

He admitted here in print that his company sucks.  Been meaning to give him props for that. 

3... 2... 1...

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