Best bike brand

What brand of bike requires the least amount of maintenance? Looking for a 4 stroke 250 that won't need a complete wallet dump on it

well all 250 4 stroke mx bikes will need some maintenece. one thing you will have to  do is check or replace the valves every so often.

Well I mean that's nothing I don't know... I currently have a 2002 yz250f but want something newer... What's the best modern brand?

Well I mean that's nothing I don't know... I currently have a 2002 yz250f but want something newer... What's the best modern brand?


How reliable is the fuel injection in these newer bikes ? Any hassle or better than a carb?


Ever had to fix it or anything?

If you are wanting a fi yz250f youre going to have to get a 2014.

Ever had to fix it or anything?

I've always had Honda's and there's great, I got a 2013 crf250r and the fuel injection is great, I rode my friends 2013 yz250f but it was carb, I liked the fuel injection more

Ok cool, I've been stuck on the toss up on Yamaha or Honda, but can't seem to tilt the scale either way.... Anything better on one than the other?

The biggest thing to look for if you aren't buying new is how the previous owner(s) took care of the bike. Yamaha and Honda both make very reliable 250f's. with a good maintenance routine I think they are fairly equal.

You would get fuel injection on a used honda and not on a used yamaha.

I would look for the best bike of the two that is available. Maybe you find a yz250f that had 12 hours and $2500 in aftermarket stuff. Meanwhile you get a good deal on it.

When I am looking I usually narrow it down to 2-3 bike options and go for the one with low hours and high dollars into it.

Good luck.

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Ok thanks guys I'll keep that in mind. Ill probably start looking soon

We'll if you want I low maintenance one get a trail bike cause if you get a motocross bike you will have to chan oil like every 15 hours Chaco the valves and a lot more

Low maintenance? Don't ride it. Pull it out on Sunday mornings, wash it and put it away. Low maitenance...pft. All bikes need love my brother. Just depends on how hard you decide to ride that steed. The harder you push any bike the more love will be required. I ride a KLX450 in the woods and other then the same shit I'd have to do on any other bike it's been bobmber.

Well like I said before, it's not like I don't know how to do the maintenance it's more or less, what bikes in your opinion can take the biggest beating without blowing up or dropping a valve?

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