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01 Cr250r Mikuni jetting?

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2001 Honda CR-250r with a Mikuni TMX Carb


Pro Circuit Factory Pipe and Pro Circuit r304 silencer.


My manual has nothing about jetting adjustments so it kind of frustrating  


Elevation: 600-1000ft (Michigan)

Temperature: 50-70 degress


Anyone have similar setup or know about jetting this carb with this pipe and silencer set up? 

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I had 01 cr 250 that I bought brand new. It was the first year for the Mikuni carb. I remeber that the jetting was off compared to other Honda 250s that I owned with the Keihen

Carb. If I remember correctly the only solution I found from research on line was to replace the jet nozzle with an S-8 and leave the needle , main,pilot stock. Honda does not offer optional nozzles so I had to get it from Yamaha from YZ 125 that used the same carb but offered optioal nozzles. After that that bike ran awesome! Im from ohio so we have similar temps and elevation.

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