Please Help, not sure where this washer fell out of!

Changing the chain and sprockets tonight on my bike so I thought while I had it apart I would check the swingarm grease since I just bought it and it has about 20,000 miles on it. So I removed the rear wheel, then I took out one of the bolts to the dog bone type link by the rear shock, then removed the swing arm bolt and swing arm. Now Everything was perfectly greased and in good shape so the previous owner must have looked after this bike. The problem came when I was putting the swingarm back in place and tapping it lightly with a hammer when a washer fell from someplace. It is a little bit larger than the one behind the nut for the swingarm bolt. I feel like a dumb ass but I just dont want to miss something. Any ideas? Thanks!

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Really?  You want us to help you identify a part but you don't post a picture?

Ok I will try get one, it is just slightly larger than the one that goes with the swing arm bolt and nut.

Washer under the dog bone? There are 4.

Ok I am going to take another look at it right away, must be from the dog bone.

Could be the thrust washer. They are on the outside and inbetween the  linkage parts. Very important to get in correctly. I found out the hard way. I had one off set by a bit and tightened everything back up. With the washer out of position it bent and caused the linkage to bind. Had to get one new washer from the dealer to make it right. Lots of parts in the cushion lever assembly.

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