Cr85 value?


So i have a 2007 cr85, perfect condition. 4 hours on top end, everything shines, bikes never had a problem in its life(my friend owned it before me, so i know it hasnt)

Not sure if it comes stok, i wouldbt think it would, but it has a fmf shorty silencer on it, stock pipe.

How much would you aay its worth? I have a price in mind, but not sure if its right. Thanks!

Big wheel or small wheel?

Small wheel, not the cr85rb, just plain cr85

800 around here, 1000 tops

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You would be lucky to see 1000

1000? Ive kinda put it for sale to see wht i could get, people were offering 1400 or 1500, my friend bought it for 12 before me, and added a bit to it, and he said it ahould be worth around 1500, hes had people offer him 15 for it( hes not one of those people who says stuff, he actually knows what hes talking about, he doesnt say something if he even doubts hes wrong)

Only 85s and 80s sell around here for is 800 to 1000. People think they're bikes worth more than it actually is no offence that's just what they go for here might be different where you are. My 11 year old brother has a cr85 and its spotless stripped down every winter and everything clean yet there not worth that much.

In my area, the 85's seem to average between 1,000 - 1,500.  I have seen them listed as high as 2k+, but that doesn't mean that is what it will sell for.  Just check and see what similar bikes are selling for in your area.  Also check to see how long they have been listen as well.  That will give you an idea of what to ask and what to expect.

Depending on condition and mods they can go anywere from 600-1800 for a good running clean bike. I've picked up a running 04 cr85rb mint condition that the po said was "blown up" for $220 that just needed a spark plug. I spent $222.50 on a bike I sold for 1200$

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