07' rmz 250 carb question

          Hi, I have an 07' rmz 250 and it has been sitting in the garage about 4 months since I ran it last. The fuel valve was off but I made the mistake of not running the gas out of it. It was running perfect when I put it away. I started it up the other day and it started perfectly on the third kick. It also idles perfect as well. The problem is as soon as I give it gas it will bog down and quit. I drained the old gas and also removed the main jet to clean it out. This did not fix the problem. I have very little knowledge of carbs and was wondering where to start as I am sure it must be a carb problem. Is there an easier place to start versus pulling the whole thing off and breaking it completely appart? Any knowledge is greatly appriciated. Thanks

Start with a pilot jet and main jet. It could need a good carb cleaning.

Ok, can I access the pilot jet by removing the hex head on the bottom of the carb the same way I removed the main jet?

If the bike starts and idles but only bogs, it is not the pilot or main (though they could be a little dirty). The bog is because the AP is not squirting. You need to check it (check valve in the float bowl, diapghram in the pump and the passageways to the AP nozzle).

Ok william1 i think your on track to solve my problem, so i need tooremove the carb to clean these areas correct?

Thanks alot william 1 I am going to take it appart this weekend, I noticed they said do not use carb cleaner in the carb, I am not sure why and do not want to damage anything, should I b using brake cleaner?

I had the same problem on a 2004 yz250f. It was the pilot, it was just open enough to let it idle and start perfectly. But as soon as I gave it gas, it would die. Maybe this way you could save some time, if it is the problem.

Thanks for the nice link krannie I need pictures lol, and ya il give that pilot a look too gcsx thanks all for the help i will post how it goes this weekend, thanks again

i had this same problem with my 06 cr85. start with the pilot jet and the main jet, if that does not work try the air fuel mix valve on the carb. then try the the float inside of the carb the needle might be too far up or down. If all else fails it might be a leak in the carb and you could seal it or just replace it

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