i need advice on what the best sprocket combo

Im turning my crf450r street legal..right now it has 13/48 gearing, wondering what best sprocket combo is for street worthy highway speeds if it need be but still good for tight trails and woods...thanks

somewhere around 15/40 is with 17 supermoto wheels


14/40 with the bigger rear wheel maybe?

No such combo exists.

IMHO, you can go as high as 14/48 and still ride dirt down to about 12 mph before you have to slip the clutch.

That's pretty fast on tight trials.... I need 13/50 for the single track I ride. About 7 mph before clutch slipping. Top max-d out speed is 58 mph.

You can get an extra rear wheel, make it 44 rear sprocket, and you just flip the chain blocks (aftermarket)  around when you go back to your 48 rear wheel sprocket.

Then you could have 14/44 or 48 fairly easily.

Im keeping stock rear wheel..i was told 14/46 or 15/47   would be a good mix....   thanks guys

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