xl 250 spark plug gap

Just got a sweet 1975 xl 250. The carb is gummed up and the plug is like new. Got it pulled apart and the plug out. Does any one know the gap setting for the spark plug on this bike, I'm new with it and dont have a manual??

  Thanks a bunch




 The float is a little tweeked and I dont know the setting for it either, anyone know it?? Those are the two things I need to get it back together and started.



Found it, Thanks anyway. spark plug gap is .028, had to search a little more on the web. anyone know how to measure the flloat in the carb??

A service manual will be helpful as it has all the specs you need.  The float is measured with a depth gauge found at any tool or auto parts store.  Typically it is measured from the carb bowl mounting flange sometimes with or without the gasket to the top of the float balls but sometimes the float arm itself.  The service manual will explain exactly where to take your measurement as well as what the measurement should be.

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