trying to sell my '12, what am I doing wrong?

Its just that time of the year, lots of bikes are going up for sale, new ones are out that can be financed.....price is awesome though and bike is super clean.......

Your an inbetweener. Not a.bunch of people have 4-5k cash but they can finance 7-8k easily. When I buy used I usually look for 3 to 4 years old at way less than half retail. If i am going to look at a 1 or 2 year old bike i am gonna seriously consider new for the piece of mind you get with a new bike. yours looks good u just.have to be patient for the right buyer

I guess Ill just be patient then lol.

It is a beautiful bike.  You can make it look even better and advertise it like this: 


"Want a brand-new, state-of-the-art motocross bike?  Here is a super-clean, dual fuel injected perfectly tuned machine that you'll be proud to own.  It looks fast, sounds fast, and is fast!  The Yoshimura pipe adds even more horsepower to a motor that Motocross Action hailed as "The best engine we have ever tested."  Whether you want a reliable machine to ride on the trails, or the best racing platform available at any price, this KX250F delivers.  All of the maintenance has been done for you.  The bearings are greased, the brakes are fresh, and the chain, sprockets and tires are top-of-the-line and ready to ride.  Buy this bike and you won't need to spend any money on anything but gas--and you'll want to buy plenty of gas, because riding this bike is the most fun you can legally have.  Plenty of time left for riding this year, and this bike will keep you happy for years to come.  You don't need to settle for second best.  This bike is the best!  Priced to sell and ready to ride.  Come take a look and we'll fire it up."


My son did this to his in a few hours.  Some don't like the mirror effect, but the KXFs really shine when polished up.  Swingarm decals make a difference, too for curb appeal.  






We take for granted that people in the market know what they are looking for.  Lots of times, they don't.  Put your selling hat on and sell the thing!  Good luck!

Looks good Dragon. :thumbsup:

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