How do I get YZ suspension travel on my WR ?

The 06 to 09 YZ450 uses the same springs in the forks. Shock spring is a little different...


Great, thanks. Spring rate for the stock YZ  is what I need for my weight on the WR. Can probably find these cheap off ebay or something.

Valving on suspension is just like fitting shoes. 

Until the fit is correct, it's way off.

You don't know it's off until you get the right fit.


Stock, the valving what is provided by KYB, to meet a price point for Yamaha.

It is essentially an ok valving for a 165lb sit down rider who uses soft throttle.

If you ride beyond that, the valving is just plain way off.

I have resprung mine (moved to 0.500) but still don´t feel ok, so i´m thinking about revalving. My local suspension guide suggested "racetech gold". In your experience, wich valves should i choose?

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