yz250 fork gaurds

Are the 2001 fork gaurds the only gaurds that will fit my bike? If there is a newer design guard that would fit my '01's forks on my project bike that would be great.


Lots of you know im getting a 02+ tank, (special thanks to Alan48) and doing a conversion. Since the tank is the same from 02-2014, will 2014 shrouds fit?


Thank you

02-14 shroud's will fit,no problem :thumbsup:. As far as guard's,we need smezmx to chime in on this matter.

Thanks man. Is there even any difference in looks of the 02 shrouds and the '014 shrouds? Or are they the same

I had ordered the 02

The plastics changed from the shrouds back in 2002. In 2005 the fork guards were changed, and again in 2008. Front fender and number plate changed in 2006.

The 05 fork guards may fit on your forks but I'm not sure. If they did, you would have to change your brake line for a shorter one.

Lightspeed makes a plastic upgrade fork guard. IMHO, they are a must-have for the older bikes. Requires a new-style brake line called "CR-routing" which helps improve the front brake feel/action..


Do a TT search for "lightspeed fork guard".

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