DR-Z125L Mx

I was just wondering if it'll damage my bike to go and try riding at a local MX Track, I won't be doing anything huge, but seeing as the suspension is pretty soft, although I'm only 125 lbs. What do you guys think? (No I Won't Do Any Racing)

I would not jump that bike till you have upgraded the skidplate to aluminum. The only thing that ties the frame together is that skidplate. Jumps or even g outs can tear the plastic and stretch the frame. The suspension can handle the jumping but the frame cannot. Its an awesome bike but it needs to be setup for mx

Racing or not, the DR-Z125 isn't the ideal MX bike. It's not even a mediocre MX bike. It's a great trail bike and can be an incredible trail bike if you upgrade the suspension by swapping in a KX100 front end and swing arm. My advice is get a MX bike. However, if you just want to "try it out" once or twice? Follow what Tom says or better yet, try to find a BBR frame cradle, but that's like looking for an honest lawyer, supposedly they exist, but very few people will claim to have seen one.

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