KTM 450exc headlight

Can I use the stock headlight with hi/low beam switch.?I have a 2004 KTM 450EXC with the stock headlight and I put the Tusk streetlegal kit with hi /low beam wiring. Can these two work together or will I have to buy new light?

If the stock light has an H4 bulb, no problem. Look at the back of the bulb for type. H4 has 3 spade connectors, 1 on top and one one each side. You need a ground wire, low beam and high beam going to bulb. Stock set up may only have a ground and hot lead hooked up to either hi or low. Should be no problem.  :thumbsup:

Enduro Engineering has an inexpensive plug-in high/low switch for the stock KTM dual filament headlight.  The original stock KTM headlight comes with the low beam wired in.  Note that the high beam is much brighter and less diffuse than the low beam. 

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