1988 kx 250 kick starter return problem

hi first of all i am happy to be part of thumper talk. my question is i arebuilding a 1988 kx 250 that i found needing alot of tlc. i have the motor rebuilt and back together , and everything seems to be good except no matter what i do the kick starter returns fine until i put the side case back on and then it will not return on its own anymore. i have had it apart three times and just can not see where the problem is. any help would be great. again thanks for any help. i can post pictures if anyone would like of the project 

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Pictures would be cool. Iam a fan of the 88 KX 250.

i will put some on as soon as i get a chance thanks for the interest.

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Either the spring is shot or incorrectly seated, or the shaft the gear rides on is stripped. Common kawi problem. Ask any older KDX owner!

on my old 200 there is a nylon KICK SPRING Guide #13070-1063  It sits inside the return spring. make sure the grove lines up with the spring tab that goes into the shaft. Look at the Kawasaki parts catalog and see. Mine was fine until you tighten the case up tight.

i think you are right because i took it back apart and made shure that the nylon was all the way down around the spring tab and i think it is going to ok but i havent bolted the case back on tight yet we will see thanks for the help i will let you know how it all comes out thanks again mark

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