Xr650r muffler on a 94 xr650l will it work?

I have a chance to pick up a never used stock xr650r muffler/baffle for 25$ and I figure it's worth picking up. I was wondering if it will fit my 94 xr650l ? Seems to me that it would be lighter and more compact over the stock one I have but not sacrifice the silencing ability of the stocker. What are the pro's and cons.

bike 4.jpgbike 2.jpgbike 1.jpgbike.jpgso i went ahead and bought the 2006 xr650r stock silencer for 25$ it was never used once, the guy i bought it from got a brand new 2006 xr650r had the bike assembled at the dealers and he put on a after market silencer  from the get go and he had the stock just sitting around so :smirk: . I had to do a little grinding to remove the bolt mount that sits behind th exhaust clamp so it would fit around the frame then just used an old flat bar washer from a u bolt bent it over the frame where the silencer mount lined up and used some spacers i had to bring the pipe out a half inch to keep from hitting the fender then i turned the mix screw a quarter turn richer and thats basicly it. I went ahead and ground off the rubber mounts since they no longer are needed. The throttle response is improved noticably over especially in the bottom end. the sound is slightly deeper but still runs fairly quiet compared to stock. it is about an inch shorter and looks way better than the stock xr650l silencer


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Yep good buy,,can't go wrong at 25 even if you have to spend another 50 on a professional mounting,,Sounds like you've already DIYed it,,well done..Looks like the kind of diy job I do on mufflers.., :applause:  Anything fits anything with work and I agree,,it looks a hell of a lot better than a stock L muffler,,tbh,,almost anything would..Big snouted barrels of things they are..They remind me of stock XR600 mufflers,,awful,,just awful , suitable only as boat anchors.

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Way to go! :ride:

Thanks I'm going to re weld on the lower frame mount and re paint the silencer with hi temp wrought iron black paint and will post pics of the finished pipe I'm very happy with it and all on all took maybe 30 min of time. I figure I'd share what I did cause I spent some time on the Internet and could find very little info on doing this

I went riding today and opened my bike up on a flat out logging road. the diffrence in the throttle response was highly noticeable and Even top end seemed to benefit a very noticable way by actually getting to full throttle in fifth gear. I'm very happy with this new silencer and by the way I'm running stock jetting with a smog block off kit still corked with a k&n air filter

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1015131411a.jpg1015131411b.jpgHere is some pics of the final mount up of the exhaust 1015131410.jpg1015131411.jpg

You can open up the stock XR650R muffler. The outlet is small from the factory.

I dont plan on doing any mods to the exhaust  this was a terrific idea i couldnt be any more happy with the outcome.  :ride:   I got nearly 500 off road miles on it and the bike is running fantastic. the capabilitys of this exhaust is perfect for what i need  its super quiet when crusing or at low rpms but is not as restrictive as the stock exhaust and has a much richer tone at the higher rpms. SO if you are thinking about doing this and have a chance do it go for it I havent seen  a downside and would definatly call it a marginal upgrade

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I know it's a while since this post, but have a couple questions...


Did you have to do any welding to fit the pipe? Cutting (other than cutting/grinding off the bolt mount)? Also, what about the connection to the mid pipe - did you have to buy anything else? I'm thinking of doing this mod but want to understand all that needs to go into it.


Thanks in advance

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Hey rno982! I did not have to weld anything. The mid pipe connection was about an inch shorter than the stock xrl connection but there was still plenty of room to connect the two. In the pics I posted its shows them about an inch apart because the the xrr silencer mid pipe clamps is physically shorter and would not slide any further up the head pipe. I did not have to buy anything but I later bought a hrc racing insert to replace the stock baffle for when I went off road.

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Great! I appreciate the info. I think I'm going to move on this with my bike.

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