96 xr400 shock rebound clicker broken

Greetings all, long time lurker here.

I bought an Xr400 from a buddy a few years ago, and he's pretty good about maintaining his stuff so of course he had the forks apart a few times.

Today I was playing with the rebound clickers on the shocks. One won't move and the other wound right out.

I'm guessing he followed the (incorrect) manual and assembled them with the clickers all the way out and now they are damaged.

Can I rebuild the caps or do I have to buy new assemblies? What am I looking at price wise to fix these?

Thanks in advance.

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I've found that the range of adjustability is determined by the lock nut position on the rod. I'm not exactly sure how far that rod should be screwed into the cap before the lock nut is applied.

I understand that it can screw out a long way but after 30 clicks and a hiss I stopped.


I'm more interested in what it would cost to rebuild the cap/clickers.


Thanks Marx for the reply though.

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