Chunk of metal on drain plug magnet (08' Husky sm610)

     Hey guys! first time poster here. I need some help figuring out exactly what is going on inside my all time favorite bike. A few days ago I did an oil change because I took the 2008 Husky sm610 to Deals Gap and rode the skyway. I really pushed the bike for the weekend and was doing an oil change just to be safe. The last oil change was less than 500 miles ago. It has almost 9K miles on it now. Almost time for a valve check, cam chain and tensioner as well. When I looked at my drain plug I found this. Can anyone tell me what this could be from? Im hoping its just a clutch plate shaving. This has me really worried. What do you guys think?



That's likely a piece of a clutch spring cup washer. It's a known fail part in these. It's best you replace them with the ones that IndyUnlimited from ADV or Cafe Husqy sells. Check your bag filters too. They might have chucks of metal in them too. Did you check the cam chain? How many clicks out is the tensioner? If its more than 12, you might have damage there too. You'll need the 3 rivets to replace the cup washers too. Lots of good info in this over on Cafe Husqy. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379399155.538105.jpgImageUploadedByThumper Talk1379399197.841092.jpg I think for $50 you can send the basket and he will do it for you. If you're not able to set the rivets, it's a good idea.

I agree it is probably one of those cup washers in your clutch.if you are in there investigating consider replacing the bronze bushing in the center of the clutch as it wears out.dan

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