2014 Alpinestar tech 7's anybody get them yet?

I am thinking about buying a pair of these New Tech 7's. I have had tech 7's in the past and liked them ok.

I have gone thru a few boots that I don't really like the fitment. I have a set of Sidi Crossfire 9.5's that kill my feet. I tried to break them in but they squeeze my toes together. They are a 43, size 9-1/2 and I wear a size 9. so I am going to sell them for these.

Anybody get them yet? I think they look really improved from the older versions. They are supposed to be 15% lighter and have hinged articulation. Also a small tow box for shifting.

If anybody's got them I would appreciate some feedback.





I have not personally tried them but everybody I have ever talked to about tech 7's say they feel like fancy tech 3's and I've heard nothing but good things about gaerne so maybe go that route...

i have wide feet/toes.  

tried the SIDI cross fire, toes hurt after 10mins of sitting in the shop.

couldnt even get my feet into size 12 Tech 10's.

Tech 3's seemed OK in the toes but no ankle pivot/protection and feel pretty stiff.


soon as i tried on the gearne SG10 i was sold.  size 11.

i couldnt try on SG12 as they refused to let me send them back if they didnt fit. "NZ SUPPLIER..." to cheap to have in stock..

Made in China junk.

Gaerne and Forma are winners, modern alpinestars isn't the same one you grew up with

are you sure they are made in china? My last ones were from Indonesia.



I know this thread is dead! But ill try to resurrect this sh!+ by telling you all that I saw a 2014 pair of tech 7s and boy they are so sick. The buckle system seems to be bar none! Color scheme was sick (black/yellow/white). The whole design looks great.

I just got the Crossfire II's. The toe box is more "normal" now. I wear a size nine and the size 43 give me plenty of toe room and are very comfortable overall. I had Tech 7's in the past. I got rid of them because I thought the buckles were total junk.

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are you sure they are made in china? My last ones were from Indonesia.




Is this an inference that they are better or worse?

Made in China junk.

My Tech 10's are made in Croatia, not China

Made in China junk.


My Tech 10s are made in Indonesia  :goofy:

Made in China junk.



So your iPhone and 95% of all other smart phones are junk 'cause they're made in China?  Just because it's made in China doesn't mean it's junk.  So much of today's stuff is made in China and sold in NA.

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