RMZ450 front fork disassembly ?

Hey guys,


I have an 05 RMZ450, and I am trying to replace the front fork seals. I have the forks almost apart, with the "sub-tank" as the manual calls it, and the spring out.

Next the manual, says to:

Remove the dust seal - Check

Remove fork seal stopper ring - Check

Next :

Seperate the inner tube out of the outer tube.......................... No good, the outer gets to the end of the inner and stops, it will not go past this point.


Is it supposed to just slide off as the manual says ???


Please help, i'm about to lose my shit.

I searched for stuff on you tube and all of those slide off with some slide hammer action, mine does not.

I have just even heated the outer up with light blow torch and it still refuses to slide off.

What do i do ? Press the bloody thing off ?

I hope you have taken the wire ring out? Its like a spring up under the dust cover, whip that out with a pick or screw driver and then get a mate to hold the fork tube and then just give it one big tug and it will come apart no worries

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Yep did that (on my list number 2), but wouldn't budge, I actually had the lower (inner) end in the vice and it would NOT move.

I have just got it apart though, kept on slide hammering the outer and inners apart as fast and hard as i could and eventually they came apart. Must have been a good 30 - 40 times though.

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Awesome that's great news, I think the trick is to pull them dead straight, if you pull them on even a small angle they don't come apart.

Heat gun on the seal/bushing area.

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