Absolutely can not stand the white airbox on my 2001 yz250, what can I do?

Black ones?

Anyway to completely hide it or do anything that looks more appealing?

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Look on ebay...I believe 98/99 haf black airboxes and should fit

Spray paint, duh.



+1 on the earlier boxes.

I have a black one for my 01! Took me a while to find when I was looking

I just bought a rattle can of black and painted it... Doesn't hold up too bad and it's incredibly easy to take off if I need to refresh it

...not sure if the 99 airbox fit's as yamaha went with a different aluminium (10mm lower) subframe in 2000?


Any 1996-2001 airbox will fit. The black ones were '96-'99.


One Industries sold some carbon fiber-look graphics that covered the sides of the airbox, though they may be hard to find these days.


The white airbox had a positive upside; it was much 'brighter' inside, making it easier to spot dirt or install the filter. 

you guys don't remember but the white air box was supposed to be cooler temp wise black draws in sun light. so white doesn't and it was supposed to run cooler air temps inside it was in dirt bike magazine from 2000.

Speed secret!  :thumbsup:

I also hated the white box.  Just get a graphics package that has the airbox piece included.

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