What type of trails around Ottawa?


Hi all,

Would it be possible for you guys to let me know what the trails are like in the Ottawa area?

What would be the percentage in terms of single tracks, high speed gravel roads, rocky trails, etc.?

My new ride should be at the dealership this week and I can still choose between the 250 or 300 XC-W (2 stroke). Not knowing if the trails are moslty tight or wide open make it a guess for me (I do not know the trails here).

Thanking you in advance! :-)

Ive ridden limerick,calabogie and larose forest and id say the trails are somewhat tight specially limerick,super tight in that forest.

Some of the best trails are 45-60 mins outside of Ottawa near Calabogie.  Get protective gear like knee pads, MX boots, etc. It's rocky in lots of places.  Mix of dirt/gravel roads, power line trails and single track trails.  Most fun I've had all summer. 

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