does the 125 cyliner fit the 150 2013?

does the 125 cyliner fit the 150 2013?  i can get a good 150. but im afraid that the 150 lasts shorter then the 125? anyone that can confirm that ? 



The cylinder will fit, but you would need a crank/rod and piston to turn it into a 125.

From my experience, the 150 is more reliable then the 125, its lower RPM at the top of the rev range.

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125/150 share the same rod but the cranks are different.  You'll need a cylinder, head, piston, crank, pipe and cdi to convert a 150 into 125 or visa versa.  150's are just a 125 with a little extra bottom and mid pull, they are both extremely fun and reliable bikes.  I've owned an 04 and 08 125 and 2011 150.     

thanks. im most scared that the 150 will blow up. the first year they had the 150 in norway many of them blew up. but that was back in 2009. thanks.

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