FMF snap

Has anyone used the FMF snap, and did you notice much increase in low end or other improvements?


Alright, no one replied, so I made my own snap. It increased torque right at initial throttle opening, which translates to snap at initial throttle opening.

I am also going to make my own snap. I will give feedback when it is installed.

Sorry for the dumb question here,but is it?

What is it i meant!

I googled

any chance you could provide pictures as i would like to do this.


thanks brandon


go on ebay and search for a YZ250 f for your year there excellent pictures.  On the 11 the boot bore is somewhat round and straight.  I measured the bore of the boot with a telescopic gage in three places for each wing and made cardboard template and fitted each wing separately in the air boot.  I then slouted the wings and brazed them together.  Needless to say I made mine out of steel about 0.040" thick 3.25" long.

What holds it in place, just friction?

Alright I told you I made my own Snap.  I did not want to spend the $99.00  for it and not know if it works.  I ride offroad no motocross, today I tried the bike for the first time in the woods, right off idle the bike pulled hard, The Snap broaden the torque range of the engine, I did not have to shift as much I could shift into 5th gear earlier and still pull away.  Is the snap worth it yes it is.  Yes the Snap is held in place by friction so when it is made it must fit in the boot snug, you do not have to pound it in.  Because it contacts the boot in four planes for 3.25 inches it cannot bounce around or come out.

Anyone who does not know what the FMF Snap is go to the home page of TT it will appear under one of the adds.

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