What bike for moto and woods

I have a 2011 xc-f 250 and its suspension can't quite take moto riding.

I like the 2013 sxf 250 but there still hard to find used is a 2012 crf250r or rmz250 better. Wich will have less problems wich will be nicer to ride for woods and moto.

Thanks for the input

12'KX250F ... you can set it up pretty easy for the woods, I have a 13-50 sprockets, skids, brush guards,disk guards,... I ride mainly in the woods and very little MX but I wanted a bike that I could do both.


I am running a off road race this weekend that is half woods half track and I know my bike will do great on it, it will take the jumps and handle the woods.


if i had to pick one of those I would get the Honda and you can set it up the same way, nothing special with my setup,... I would love to do a big bore kit and a rekluse but time and money

What about the reliable YZ250F ?

I like Yamaha but I'd like to stay with a feul injected bike. I know the 2014's are but I will need to buy used.

Thanks anyway

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