video editing software, nothing special

Hi all,

I did a search on this forum for editing software and the newest post was In Dec. So I thought I would go ahead and start a new thread.

What I am looking for is just to be able to edit out unwanted parts. Is there a free, or relatively cheap software someone can recommend to do this?





Windows moviemaker is free.

or you could get the top of the line stuff for free.. illegally :devil:  

Thanks, I'm going try the gopro.


GoPro Studio 2.0 is free editing software.

Does this prog render gopro so that youtube doesnt destroy the resolution ? I have crystal clear, detailed videos after editing but they still lose quality when u L to youtube

I just downloaded the program last weekend so I know very little about it, however when you export the video it asks which media you will publish to, YouTube, Vimeo,etc. so maybe it gives you other options to preserve video quality.

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