Ktm 2013 450sx best race sag setting

Anyone tested different race sags





Linkage suspension


I run 105 to 108. but im using full ohlins. absolutely incredible!

I have a 2013 450FE. I weigh 200 lbs. The sag was set at 105 and the bike wanted to climb out of every berm. I raised the forks to the 2nd line, this helped just a little. Recently set sag at 100, went to a 51 tooth rear, slowed rear rebound down 2 clicks and left forks in the 2nd line position, bike now turns razor sharp. There does not appear to be any straight line stabilty issues. It amazes me how small changes make such a drastic difference. Not sure if the sprocket has any influence in the matter just wanted to note all changes made!

I too have ohlins fitted shock and fork carts

Where do you have your forks in the clamps?


Depends on so much but with us spec shock (486mm) and handlebar in line with fork, and forks@5mm then 100-102mm with maximum 10mm preload on shock.


If Euro spec shock you can run 105.

dustinmoto, i have the ohlins forks and there on the 1st line from the top.i have no problems with steering, bike turns like its on rails

First of all, the '13 KTM 450SXF is an excellent handling bike and has no issues with inside lines and flat corners. It doesn't under or oversteer (push or knife). **BUT** you have to experiment a little to find a good sag, fork height, and fork settings (compression and rebound) for your riding style and tracks (hardpack, sand, prepped intermediate dirt, etc).


I found that the bike was pretty sensitive to setup and would let you know if it needed to be tweaked because it would knife or push when it wasn't set up well.


So yes, you absolutely should be testing different sag values if you are not able to get the bike to turn to your liking.


But you cant just use someone's sag that you saw on the internet as "the best setting" for that bike. Your riding style has a lot to do with it - do you "hang off the back" or do you turn with the rear wheel or are you super light, etc, etc.??? So you need to start at the suggested settings and then test different values of the sag and see which set up works best for YOU.


I ended up really liking mine at about 103-105mm sag, with the fork height at the 2nd line. But if your forks are too stiff, or too soft, these numbers may or may not work for you. Also if you ride sand one day, then hard pack the next you might have to adjust these settings to get the best tradeoff for stability and cornering.

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