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2013 450sx race sag best setting with ohlins ttx shock

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Im 5'8 tall 

167 pound 76kg with out gear 

ktm 450 2013 sxf 

fork springs 46kg

rear shock spring 54kg 


Got sag at 99mm static 26mm 


ohlins ttx fork carts and shock  

Any one running this setup and if so what race sag you set at and fork height 


What are your thoughts 



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So there are three numbers we're looking for;

Static sag (35 - 40mm)

Rider sag (100 - 105mm)

Spring Preload.(5 - 10mm)

I'd first start by getting the static sag around 35mm and then check your rider sag. I bet you its pretty close at that point. From there, measure how much preload there is on the spring and I bet you're in the right range.

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