G2 Dirt Tamer throttle and clones?

Looking to tame the low end for single track riding on my KTM 4-stroke and have considered the G2 tamer throttle. Anyone have experience and/or are there other mfgs who make a similar product? $70 seems alot if it doesn't work as well or better than it's advertised to work. 







I've got the G2 tamer on my 300 xc-w.  I love it.  I ride tight,twisty trails,filled with roots & rocks,surrounded by trees.

The stock throttle was causing me to overshoot my desired line,if I caught a bump the wrong way.  The G2 works great,much smoother input to the throttle.


And,there is no loss in speed or power,as I had initially feared before trying it.


I can totally recommend it if you are having a problem with a twitchy, on/off toggle switch for a throttle.


I know I sound like a salesman for them,but I have no affiliation. Great product,works as advertised.

Just a slower turn throttle? As in going between a 1-in-4 and 1-in-6 turn kinda thing?

Big waste of money, ride it 

If I don't like mine I just turn the barrel 180 deg. Put cable back on and ride.

Its stock KTM.

I bit the bullet and ordered one. I'll report how it feels and works when I get it installed. 

I bought the $110 one that comes with different cams.


I love the thing, it gives me better control of the throttle, and its a nice feeling pull.

What cam's are you guys using?, Ive installed the 200 cam but I havent had the chance to test it yet..

I use the 400 that came with the Tamer.

I tried the 400 cam on my 2001 Cr250R and it would not fully open the throttle slide. Kind of a waste of money in my book. Put the 100 (stock) cam on and at least it's an aluminum throttle tube. Not worth the price though.

Had a chance to finally ride my KTM 450 xcf with this throttle tube, 400 cam. My grade for it...A. It does exactly what it says and makes the hard edged KTM feel a lot like my crf450x as far as the throttle is concerned, when riding single gear trails or when in loose tight turns. Granted if you rode this bike and didn't know it had the throttle tube you'd think it was fine and that's how it was supposed to be. BUT, if you ride the stock throttle tube and this tube back to back, you would be pleasantly surprised with the difference. Because I ride varied terrain from single track to fast desert, I need a versatile machine. This part, along with a stabilizer and Flexx Bar, allow this bike to do it all. BTW, the last few tanks of gas on my fast double track and mixed in single track I've averaged 38 mpg. Yes I'm a. It anal on mileage. I have to be because where I ride, and riding solo I can't afford to run out of gas or miss a chance for fuel.

So yes, well worth the price because it not only games the twitchy throttle and power delivery but it's an aluminum tube with delrin inner that makes it bed smooth.

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Cool,glad it worked for you.

What stabilizer are you running?

I prefer Scott's but since the bike came wi a GPR v1 unit I've left it on. Scott's simply has more range of adjustments but for 90% of folks the GPRS are good enough.

i went the dodgy brothers job and just created my own free cam by cutting the existing plastic to suit. transformed the FE570 from a twitchy beast off idle to a docile trials-wannabe. just had to be careful to leave it all very clean and straight so no bits of odd plastic to catch inside the housing.

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