00 cr250 forks

So I'm getting my forks serviced an was wondering ur guys suggestions for a baseline setting to go with for a 150lb 6'2" rider. I was gonna have them valved but they havn't been right they were messed up since I've had them the comp. adjuster never turned an they started leaking. My springs were fine for my weight is there anything I should know about these showa's?

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i am under 6ft not by much and at least 190 lbs i went to the max with the oil level set the clickers to the middle and that seem sto have done the trick i would like to get them valved but the only bloke i trust to do them is an ex gp rider mark eastwood and he is in the uk so i cant help with the valving but seeing as honda have 3x oil heights go with the middle one and add it to the max if your still unhappy it will only cost you oil are you racing the bike or just playing ?

At 150 lbs I would probably LOWER the oil level. The stock springs might be just a little stiff for that weight. The oem owners manual has a great suspension adjustment section, read it several times. Then bring it with you and do some tuning at your riding area. BUT until you have the forks fixed and working properly you are just p$@@ing in the wind.  Get the forks freshened up at stock oil level and then start tuning them. They can be made to work well. Of course the rear stuff must be greased and working properly also, it all works together. Go re-read the susp section. Again!

Wow sorry for the late response but thanks for the advice. Ill be reading the suspension section thoroughly when the snow melts. I've had them bak from bein repaired an only had a cpl rides on them an set the adjuster to the middle an was soft turned it up a cpl clicks cause we do some prerty ruff riding here in wa state specially all the way up north. Lots of rocks hill climbs an big a$$ logs. An my track an riding is progressing so I'm always dealing with different terrain an evolving jumps whether its on my peoperty or the pits. So tryin to find a comfortable medium.

Any more info would be great also thanks.

Ill be bak with more ride info aswell when whether an wife permit lol.

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