changing fork oil and oil seals

Ok..... today i changed the oil and the oil seals of my rmz 250 K9, that i bought 3 months ago (used).

Everything went good (first time did that), but i am not sure for something i saw at the 'sub-tank' when i did the bleeding,  after i put the oil in it. I realised that when i was pumping down and up, some oil was left at the 'inner rod' (i don't know if there is any oil seal there too, and how could i find a new one). if anyone can explain to me if that is ok or not..... and if not how can i fix that??


I have attached 1 photo so you can understand what i mean.....

thank you....!!!!


Sounds like a bad seal at the damper rod. MX tech,race tech,rg3 or factory connection will have a lot with seals for the inner chamber. Its east to rebuild. Sometimes during final bleed,if you push too fast and there is a lot of oil it will push out the rod because there is just too much pressure. After bled,did rode extend fully on its own? If oil stops coming out after final bleed and its extending fully-its ok

I'm thinking to ride this weekend to check the suspension and then i wiil open again the suspensions to check the oil in the catrige, if it still leaking.


The other problem that i see is that i tried to balance the front and the rear syspension, but i can't, cause the front is much stiffer than the rear.

I've set the ride sag at 100mm with all my gear on.

but when i push with my leg on the footpeg by the side of the bike, the rear suspension moves down but the front doesn't move at all

Does anyone know what must i do to balance the suspensions?

I had before an KTM 125 exc and they were balanced, but the rmz 250 k9 i have bought now (3 months ago) can't figure how to balance.

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