some one told me a trick to staring a 426

WHEN i start my 426 cold, the bike takes a while to get her going. some one told me that if i lean the bike on its side for a few before i start it will help. Now the thery sounds good, but do you think it would help???

it can help you, you would be getting fresh fumes in the carb causing an easier ignite.


I had a ttr 125 that it would only start cold if you would lean it over and get fresh fuel in the bowl. the carb ended up having a really small port clogged. cleared it out and it started real easy after that.

I always had to do this with flooded two strokes.

That's a 2 stroke trick! I rode a 125 that needed the same treatment.

Try cleaning out your carb. Might have a partially clogged pilot jet.

If you have a clean carb and the AP is working. Just give the throttle 2 turns before the normal starting.

Exactly.  The idea of that with a two stroke is to defeat the float and cause extra fuel to enter the engine in order to provide enough free vapor in the cold engine to get it going.  With an accelerator pump, this is unnecessary, as all you need do is crank the throttle once or twice to accomplish the same thing.  Only on a cold engine, though.

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