98 YZ 400 - Valve clearance question

Im finished a top end rebuild I was doing today...Well almost finished. After setting the cams back up at TDC, I went to put the cam cap back on the exhaust side and I noticed that it wanted to sit up a little and not fully marry to the housing. I could see the left most exhaust valve bucket is higher than it should be. I have zero clearance on this valve now for some reason. Before installing my new piston and rings, I checked my clearances and before the teardown, it was in spec. I cant think of anything I could have done that would have changed this. I havent touched the two exhaust valves at all. I did replace the center intake as it was bent but nothing on the exhaust side of the house. The weather is changing to colder temps here but surely that wouldnt have caused this. Any ideas on what could cause it?

Be sure you have seated the shim correctly under the bucket that sits high.

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