2013 250r review?

Anybody got some good time on the bike? How does it hold up over time like once you have reached 75-100 hours?


simple search would do wonders.

I've already tried that...

I have a 2013 CRF250R in Australia. i bought it 8 weekes ago and now have 23.5 hours on it. i know this isnt anywhere near the amount of hours you were hoping but the bike has no problems at all. I just at 10 hours checked the spokes and bolts, and i have been changing the oil every 10 hours and the break in at 1 hour. on my second oil filter, no shavings at all in the oil or filter, cleaning the air filter every 5 hours.

My 2012 is at 119 hours. No problems what so ever besides the occasional flase neutral when I get lazy shifting.

Nice! What do you do for maintenance

oils/oil filter every 5 hours and airfilter every 1-2 track days and piston every 50

My 2013 starts really bad....even when hot. I think it'll get better the more hours I put on it. Oil change every 7 hours or at least before each race. Air filter every 5 hours or as needed.

mine always starts first or second kick hot or cold, unless i stall it then it takes about 8 kicks to start

mine always starts first or second kick hot or cold, unless i stall it then it takes about 8 kicks to start

Yea, worst thing ever is stalling it. I think last race I was smoking.my clutch and I was having loads of problems stalling it cause i'd completely take my finger off the clutch cause it was so weird. Made it really hard in tight sections.

yeah... i had an enduro couple weeks back... one hill was like 1km long and so bad i had to slip the clutch the whole way up it was muddy and rocky - not fun... i think i could smell my clutch burn haha (i hope not!) but love the bike its ridded hard most of the time high rpm.. best way to start it when cold is high idle no thottle full kicks, when hot eather no thottle low idle and full kicks or a tiny amount of throttle, and when you stall it i find sometimes i need to hold the throttle at half open, and if that doesnt work hold it fully open with killswitch and then no throttle and kick


not fun in the middle of a race haha but an awesome bike

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