02 ttr 125 clutch aint right at all. Hope yall can help.

so the bikes clutch doesnt engage(the bike goes haha for people who arent really sure) until about a 1/4" from the end of travel. now ive adjusted many clutches with the adjustments on the lever and on the cable soo i know how to do it. the problem is that every bike ive owned when the clutch is wearing out you want to loosen whatever adjustments(making the actual cable shorter by making the cover over the cable longer) to make it work right. with this being said the ttr i have only goes anywhere when every adjustments on the cable is as tight as it goes(so the cable is longer) and if i lossen up any of the adjustments the clutch doesnt engage at all? pretty confused and hoping yall can help.

oh and the spring which is on the actuator lever arm i think its called is broke but to me it looks like a return spring to return the lever back to place and mine goes back to place just fine s i dont know if that would do anything. was broke when i got it so i dont know if it made a difference.

Usually, you measure clutch lever freeplay and adjust the cable as necessary to get the required freeplay.  I've seen freeplay measured two different ways: at the end of the lever and perpendicular to the bars, and between the lever and the perch (for lack of a better description).

i know how it works but thats not the problem i always start with the cables adjustments all the way tightened then loosen them until i get the desired engagement point but the ttr stops engaging the more i loosen it which shouldnt happen. it should make the  clutch engage when the lever is closer to the handlebars. its something internally wrong with the clutch. ive read on some forums theres a ball bearing behing the thing(cant think of what its called) that the clutch springs go into im wondering if that was lost by the owner before if it would cause a problem like this but most say there will be no clutch engagement at all.

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