Should i use 20w50 in my Drz 125?

Okay, so about 2 months ago my dirtbike motor seized up so i had to get it rebuilt. When it was rebuilt, i noticed blue smoke, and the speed was decreasing so i decided id better take a break for a while. I called the person who rebuilt it and he said i should try 20w50 because its thick and wont get into the rings. Then after its burned i go back to 10w40. Should i do this?

I hope I'm not mis-reading your post, but it sounds like your problem is not the type of oil you should use, but what type of mechanical problem do you have with the engine.


Do you have a detailed invoice on what was done on the "rebuild?"

Yeah , you need a 2nd opinion on the issue .

Either you didn't break it in yet and the rings are letting oil blow by which will go away after a few hours at most or the guy who rebuilt it did something like put the rings in upside down, the piston in backwards or left out a seal. In that case, thicker oil isn't going to change anything.

My bet is the latter.

Personally, I think 20w50 is excessive on a dirt bike. I ran a Mazda Miata motor for 220+K miles and decided it was shot when the rear cylinder was only making 75 PSI static compression. At that point, I was only running 15w40 in it. Factory recommended oil is 5w30.

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