Nuetech tubeless system opinions

I own an 08 yz 250f and am considering running the nuetech tubeless tire system, I was just curious about anybody running then and what they think? Are they reliable, easy to install worth the money? What do ya think? Any info is appreciated!!

They are a good product

Correct Installation is critical

I love them and have them on 4 bikes, they're the first thing I add to a new bike.backyard hack is so right about the installation, after that it's smooth sailing , well riding lol

Lot's of good info on the Tubliss system here on TT over the last several years.

I also ride an '08 YZ250F and I have the tubliss system on.  Love it, no complaints and no worrying about shredding inner tubes.  The previous owner put them on after popping 3 inner tubes and hasn't had a problem sense.  Just another part that adds to the reliability of the bike, plus you can often run at lower pressures which can be useful.  Personally, I think it makes tire changes easier too.  I've hit a few rocks at WOT on trails that I guarantee would've popped a regular inner tube and left me in real trouble.  Really glad I have these on.  

Click the "reviews" tab up top and seach "tubliss".

I've been running tubliss for 4 years and will never go back to a standard tube. 

They work great in the right terain. I ride a bunch of rocky areas and have proplems ripping knobs off which  lets all the air out and makes the tire useless for the tubliss but still usable for a tube. 2 weeks ago i did a endurox with a brand new perrelli  and had this exact problem. Its best just to try them and see how well they work for you.

Thanks for the Info guys this is looking like it might be my Christmas present fr this year, I ride a lot of gncc and hare scramble stuff that can be pretty nasty and tight at times so I think this will be the way to go

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