Opinion on a chain length please

Putting the 03 S back together tonight and I have a new sprocket set (15/41) and a new RK chain with 112 links. I figured 112 would be a little big but by leaving my axle adjusters on the number 2 spot and trying to figure a chain length it looks like I could easily remove 6-7 links! Anybody had a chain this short with a gearing combo like this? Thanks.

If you're going to cut your chain to length you want your adjusters all the way in to get the shortest length possible.

I think you will find 110 pins is the right length.  Trial fit, mark and cut to fit.

My mistake, ordered a 112 link chain, checked on the label on the box just now and counted the links to make sure, turns out the parts guy gave me a 120! Cut it down to 110, fit great, thanks guys.

Many chains are sold as 120 pin standard length, then cut to fit

My chain is 112 links with 15/40 gearing, adjusters are smack in the middle between 0-1 right now.

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