Request for service item recommendations on a DRZ-400

Hello Forum Members, This is my first post. 


I read a few threads before creating an account and was impressed by the number of knowledgeable day to day riders here so I thought I'd ask for some recommendations on a few service items for a 2009 DRZ400. It is a great bike and reliable daily rider doing about 500 miles a month (about 95% street riding with occasional off roading to get around car block ups, etc) since June so I'm reviewing the following items:


1) Tires: any ideas from daily street riders what works good for a stock bike mostly on the street, with marginally acceptable off road performance? 


2) Brake pads: still has the stock ones on it which work ok but it would be nice to scale up. I would prefer pads that don't chew the discs too much but also brake better.


3) Drive Chains: also stock, but I'm guessing there might be a better option? 


4) Any thought on how many miles one could expect from a DRZ that was maintained well and not raced too often? Its a stock bike with about 7k miles on it currently with highway cruising in the 60s to 70s about 50% of the time with city street riding for the other half.


Any feedback would be much appreciated.





Welcome Sir

Do you have the SM or S version ?

Good question, I'm guessing it is the S series since it has a 21" front & 18" rear tire, from what Ive read the SM has the 17" rear tire?


Thank you.  

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DRZ400SM 17" front/rear and USD forks


1) Depends on what you consider marginal... how much street/dirt (i.e., 80/20 %)?  What kind of off-road terrain (i.e., gravel roads, hardpack, soft, mud, rocky, sand, etc....)?


2) "No free lunch", better performing pads (as in greater stopping ability, coefficient of friction) will increase rotor wear... a lot of people like the original (suzuki) or honda pads (sintered metal).  You can also considered upgrading to SS brake lines and/or an oversized brake kit.


3) If it isn't worn/stretched out then I don't see a point in replacing it.  If it is then you have a lot of options (DID, Regina, Renthal, o/x/w-ring, etc...), but none that'll get you any performance (other than increased chain life).  Unless you go to non o-ring chains, which I wouldn't recommend for a street bike (will require more maintenance and last less).


4) Depends on how you maintain it and how often you like bouncing off the rev-limiter.  There are members with over 30k miles on their bikes.

The stock Trailwings are good for street riding but lack in the dirt, and don't think of getting them any where near mud!!! I'm running Shinko SR244 "Golden Boy Trail Tire" 5.10-18 and 3.00-21 they are DOT knobbies that do well on asphalt and keep up on the trails. Best part is for the pair they are about $85 shipped! Great mileage and good traction for a 50-50 tire.

Thanks very much for the replies.


In regards to the questions:


The street use is about 95% of the driving, off road occurs for fun occasionally or when the traffic gets blocked up, going off road across a field or down an arroyo of regular high desert sandy dirt to get to the destination, but this is about once or twice a month at most.


In regards to the brakes, understood that there is a pay off for good pads wearing the rotors. I'm thinking of just replacing them with stock ones when they wear out and then doing the whole 9 yards of new aftermarket rotors and pads when the rotors fade out. Any recommendations on good rotor and pad combos to replace the stock items would be appreciated.


Another item is the seat (the stock one is ok, but long drives would be better on a different option) and handlebars, any thoughts on those are welcome as well.



Thanks again, I am one who reads the replies.

The OEM brake pads are good quality , fresh fluid and a steel brake line improves braking .

DID X RING Chain & steel sprockets are my choice .

Doing all the loctite fixes , free power mod . Fit the MCCT .. Are recommended .

Seat Concepts have a good product to improve comfort .

Handlebars are a personal preference , I like the low bend . Many prefer the tall option

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