newbie to the husaberg

ok guys I was just given an early 501.I know very little about it and not even sure of the year yet. was told it would not start and that it was hard to kick. are parts still available? and is there any different to overhaul as any other bike? any thing I should be aware of? from what I have seen it looks decent and all I am out of is the time and fuel to go get it. thanks in advance  Freightwrench

A photo would help us identify the year for you. Or..... You could just look at the frame. :D

I don't have access to it till later this week as its a ways away. are tools to remove the flywheel and split the cases easy to come by?

Can't answer until we know the year. The older they get, the harder you have to look to find the parts and tools. You can always find them, just have to look harder.

Best of luck with it! Amazingly cool bikes. There exists a lot of expertise on these bikes - people loved these bikes, and cared deeply. And still do.


Did you check out too? There's a good wiki and forum there. The forum can be a little sleepy but there's treasure in there, and the wizards still roam it.

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