FNG needs help

Bought a basket case 1989 XR600R and I can't figure out were this rubber part goes.  Any help?


I could be wrong, but it looks like the air/oil separater mount. The cylindrical portion goes in the hole and the part goes in a tab on the frame.

If that is what it is, then the PO likely removed it. I would definitely reinstall...

Thanks, I don't have it.  So, I'm guessin' he did take it off. :thumbsup:

  • possibly a flasher unit mount

It could be either,,too hard to get a perspective on size from the photo. If it is the oil separator holder it's not a required part..Any XR/XL I buy or owned it was the first thing to go from the bike..You run the main crank breather to ground with a small filter on the end and a splitter off that piece of hose with another bit of pipe on it to up under the seat area.You chop off or remove the other airbox hose that runs to it and block its hole. Never had an issue not using it. Standard NZ behaviour removing unnecessary bits from dirt bikes..We did it when we were young and I still do it now..If I had my way the mirror and indicators would also be gone...I only keep those two on now as the law requires them..Clutters not required on a dirt bike and dirt bikes don't look right with mirrors,,I use a bicycle one just to keep the cops happy,,can hardly see anything with it,,still legal..that'll do.. :blah:

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Definitely oil separator holder and like you Horri its the first bit I remove from the new bike - and never had an issue.

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Well I checked the VIN and receipts that came with the bike.  Turns out its a 1988 with a 1989 bottom end.  Did the XR600r have a oil separator in 1988?  From the pictures I found on the net its suppose to hook on the left side on frame beside the carb.  Is that right?  My rear shock reservoir is mounted there and I don't even see a place for the separator to hook?  Still confused.


As we said,,ignore it,,you don't need it on the bike..Yes that's where they are supposed to go..I'll post a link of the fiche in a second or so to see if the 88 had one..






I've checked the fiche and can't see one in the places I'd expect to find one..Leave it off and hook the breathers up as I said..Just goes to show you they don't need them..An XR/XL engine is the same all the way through motor wise except for the single double carb business and variations in cam pistons etc....

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Thanks for the help.  I was planning on leaving it off, I couldn't even find a tab to put the rubber onto anyways.  I'm sure I'll have more questions the further I get into this rebuild.  

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