Works Connection EZ fill

I am wondering if anyone has tried theses on their 13/14 air forks.  I want to run my bars in the forward position and these will make pressure changes easier.  They are a little pricey at $99 but well worth the money if it makes my life easier.  I know the manual states not to ride with the air fill adapter in place but it appears these stay in while riding.  Hopefully that's not an issue, I would assume a company like Works Connections would have put them through some serious testing.

I have them. They work as advertised. No issues.

Look at the ones from SDI, they look the same but are much cheaper.

Thanks for the responses.  I was unaware of the SDI version and $65 seems a little more reasonable.  I tried running the bars in the back position, but after 2 years of  riding a 12 with the bars forward it just felt awkward to have them back.  I am 6ft 2in so I need all the room I can get.

I was aware of the SDI ones but bought the works connection version specifically because the works connection ez fill are brass. Apparently works connection tested them in aluminum, but decided that they were not durable enough and switched to brass.


There is a video, I think on works connection's web site that mentions it.

Whats the verdict on these things? Worth it? Reliable?

If you run the bars in the forward position and still want to have access to the air inlet of the fork just spin the tubes in the triples and have the air fill at the bottom.

Whats the verdict on these things? Worth it? Reliable?

Work great. Never had a problem.

  1. The WC ones work great ive had no issues with mine at all

Bought some. Theyre waiting for me to pick up from a local dealership. Looking forward to messing with these forks to see how well I can get them working.

Another problem with running the bars in the forward position is getting to the clickers on top. Even more so when running the forks higher in the clamps.

It's such a pain trying to mess with my clickers. The bars are right over top of them.

I ended up getting the works connection ez fills.  I really like them, it makes it so much easier to check the air pressure.  It is true that you can run the forks with the air fill at the bottom, but removing the cross bar pad and installing the air fill valve each time to check was a hassle compared to hooking on the air pump to the ez fills.  I have had no problems at all with them or the forks.  Every time I check the pressure it is within about 1 lb. of the 35 psi that I run.

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