KTM. are OEM spokes, and Pro-wheel kits the same?

 I went to one my local shops, to find out if I can just a few spokes for my wheel. Now I know its better the change them all once a few break, but I just need a temp fix. well we had a long talk about them being different. for example. if I have a stock wheel, pro-wheel spoke kit won't fit, so I would have to buy the rim before the spokes would work. I guess the nipples don't fit, I guess that is what they are talking about. but according to Rockyatv, they fit stock OEM rims. I would rather do that, then pay $18 for 2 spokes. I would rather get the kit.

What might you need? Front/Rear 18/19/21?

I build wheels and have a collection of good but used OEM spokes on hand.

PM me if you need a few and provide model and year if other than your 2003 300 EXC.

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rear 18in 03' 300exc, and i only need the spokes, the nipples are still fine.

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Whole set or just a few?

I have a full set of 36 off a 2009 that should work

BTW: I grew up in southwest corner of Marion County

wait, are you sending me the whole set for free? lol, that would be awesome! but I really only need 2, but I would take the whole set :D


 i'm in montgomery county

Why was this moved into KTM 4 stroke? doesn't make sense why it had to be moved, and if anything it should be in the 2 stroke section.

Whole set or just a few?
I have a full set of 36 off a 2009 that should work

 I don't know if you seen what i wrote, since the topic was moved into the wrong spot.

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