Rekluse Clutch Purchase and RPM Engagement Question

Anyone know where I can get the best deal on a Rekluse clutch, the best I have found is $599?  Does anyone have any data using a tachometer at what rpm the clutch will engage at different settings? 

Rekluse a year or so back made all their dealers sell for the same price. So nobody will have a better pricing,,,,, well no listed dealer. 


The recommended setting comes in at 2500+/- rpms and this should be used for just about all type of riding. Any lower and the motor has issues with loading also clutch wear is high. Higher engagement will reduce engine breaking and would make the bike leap rather than smoothly move out. Jetting affects these settings so make sure the low end is spot on!

I ride trails only, but wound up with the same settings as some hare scramblers. I started out with the medium engagement rpm and soft engagement, but at weantright's suggestion, went to medium/hard, and that's what I'm sticking with. I set the idle progressively higher until I got the engagement, release and reengagement that I like. I don't trust the tach function of my hourmeter, so I won't give a number. Two documents from the Rekluse site that might help:

Thanks for the input and documents, now I just need to find a good deal on one. 

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